VIMCO Atlantic Value Funds (hereinafter also referred to as the "Company" or the "SICAV") is a public company limited by shares (société anonyme) under the form of an investment company with variable capital, (société d'investissement à capital variable) with multiple sub-funds (hereinafter referred to as the "Sub-Fund" and jointly the "Sub-Funds") incorporated under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which aims to invest, via the different Sub-Funds, into a limited number of quality undervalued listed companies, applied globally in the consumer, industrial and services sectors, conforming to the investment policy of each particular sub-fund.  

The investment strategy shall be to focus on companies considered from their value growth standpoint using fundamental and research intensive contrarian in nature.

The Fund seeks to achieve substantial capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of concentrated and carefully selected investments in the equity securities of listed companies globally, primarily in the United States, Europe (as better defined in the Prospectus) and Asia. The investments might be made in US Dollars (USD) or Euros (€). The Company's Alternative Investment Manager and the Investment Manager target the shares of undervalued companies that are considered likely to appreciate due to an earnings turnaround, restructuring or take over, i.e. through the influence of internal or external parties. The Company does not use short sales, leverage, or financial derivatives without prejudice, regarding the latter, for what shall be provided for hereafter regarding notably the use of derivatives for the purpose of currency risks and market risks hedging.

The Company is an undertaking for collective investment (a "UCI") registered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg pursuant to Part II of the Luxembourg law of 17 December 2010, on UCI (the "UCI Law") and qualifies as an externally managed alternative investment fund ("AIF") within the meaning of the corpus of rules formed by (a) Directive 2011/61/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2011, on alternative investment fund managers (the "Directive"), (b) the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 231/2013 of 19 December 2012, supplementing the Directive (the "Regulation"), (c) the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013, on alternative investment fund managers ("AIFM Law") and (d) any binding guideline or other delegated act and regulation issued from time to time by any relevant authorities in respect of the Directive (together the "AIFM Rules").

For more information, please refer to the Documents page for the Prospectus and the PRIIPS KIDs.

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