Administration and Management

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Investment Manager Vimco Luxembourg S.A.
Sub-investment Manager Atlantic Investment Management Inc.
Depository and Paying Agent VP Bank (Luxembourg) S.A.
Central Administration VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) S.A.
Registrar and Transfer Agent VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) S.A.
Alternative Investment Fund Manager VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) S.A.
Auditor Grant Thornton
Legal Advisers Thielen & Associés
  Hence Law Avocats S.à.r.l.

Vimco Luxembourg S.A. is an independent asset management company with a distinctive approach focused on value investing and a unique customer service level. Inspired by Warren Buffett, the world-renowned image of value investing, Vimco has achieved superior returns for its clients at low and transparent rates since 2002. Value investing is at the core of the company, as Vimco stands for Value Investment Management Company. 

Vimco has built an extensive customer base, consisting of institutional, professional, and private investors. The Vimco team has many years of investment experience with leading international banks. The team has developed its own investment vision and strategy. The emphasis lies on controlling risks with the goal of preserving capital and purchasing power.

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Atlantic Investment Management is a fundamental, value-oriented equity investment firm founded by Alex Roepers in 1988. The firm’s investing methodology is differentiated by its: (1) well-defined universe of quality publicly-traded industrial / consumer companies; (2) concentration of capital and research on its highest conviction investments; (3) private equity-like due diligence; (4) constructive engagement with managements and boards to enhance and accelerate shareholder value; (5) strict adherence to its buy/sell cash flow focused valuation discipline; and (6) maintenance of liquidity to allow for opportunistic trading around core positions. Besides its flagship concentrated long-only U.S. and global best ideas funds, the firm manages long-biased hedge funds for each of the Europe, Japan and Asia ex-Japan markets. Atlantic, located in New York, has been a Registered Investment Adviser since 2006 and has 16 employees.

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